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Finding Purpose and Fulfilling Destiny


This is an excellent Christian book for youths, young people, Searching Christians, youth pastors, ministries and families. It teaches Christian Youths how to discover their Purpose on earth and also gives them the tools they need to empower themselves, overcome  barriers in life and fulfil their destiny.
The Book is written by Ps. Albert, who has a track record of producing positive outcomes with young people, both in the Church as a Pastor and in the Secular world as a teacher of Science.


This amazing Christian book has been produced for youths, young people, youth ministries, and families to support young people in their growth with Christ. The book is divided into 25 study Units covering everything from Identity to Purpose, to Education, Living a Victorious Christian life and to being a witness to your  generation.
 It comes with a a Workbook that helps to test the Young Person’s understanding of the concepts covered in the Chapter. The Workbook has answers at the back to help Parents and Youth Leaders to guide their students.
  By buying the Book and Workbook, you also get permission to access  25 Videos, each one covering a chapter in the Book. The Videos can be found on the Website:

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